I Spy Messages

In the “computer” world these days all the action is in the App world. In my opinion the PC is dead.
It used to be that you would write great software for Windows. That has changed.
Now it’s all about writing your software for smartphones and heck the best smartphone out there is the Iphone.
For most of us making software to run on the Iphone is a big task. Where do you start? How do you start?
Once you make your app how does it get into the app store?
Should you target just the Iphone or i spy messages on the Andriod?
These are all questions you’re probably asking yourself. That’s why I made this blog. I wanted a good place to put Iphone development articles and tips I’ve come across. That way you won’t spend all the time I did trying to learn the ins and outs of how all this Iphone development stuff works.
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If you want to build your own Iphone App don’t worry. It’s not that hard once you get headed off in the right direction and it’s a lot of fun too.